Beachbody On Demand Review

So this blog is all about the importance of creating a healthy life and healthy lifestyle. I’m here to help teach you how to create a healthy lifestyle and how to get fit on a budget. Weight loss for busy moms can be hard, but it is possible. My purpose is NOT to sell you on stuff you don’t need, but to show you what I’ve found to be beneficial and most worthwhile, after wasting way too much time and money on trial and error myself. Today I’ll be doing a quick Beachbody On Demand Review.

If you are anything like me, the idea of trying to make the time to go to the gym to workout just causes more anxiety. I have never liked working out at a gym. I feel self conscious and like I’m wasting my time. Why drive 20 minutes to get to the gym and THEN still have to do an actual workout?

Besides, gyms are crowded, sweaty, stinky and can be really rough on the budget. Especially if you have young kids and a working spouse who can’t watch them while you workout.

Exercise is important, but how to fit in exercise for busy moms is tricky and one of the major reason why I am 100% in love with Beachbody On Demand.

What is On Demand?

Throughout this website you will see me refer to “On Demand”. It is the BEST tool that I have found to provide me with the essentials I need to make working out at home effective for me.

I didn’t go to school to learn clinical or medical info. I learned what I know about being healthy and active through trial and error, and mainly with the assistance of Beachbody’s On Demand because the combination of fitness and nutrition works so well for me.

Rather than bounce around on YouTube looking for good workout videos, or search through random pins on Pinterest that may show me how to eat healthy OR exercise properly, On Demand brings fitness AND nutrition together in one spot with videos and downloadable materials, access to a fitness coach tBEachbody-on-demando help guide you, and access to free support groups.

  • unlimited access to over 700 different workout videos including some of the hottest on the market today- 80 day Obsession, Insanity, Transform 20, Cize, Country Heat, PX90, and PIYO, to name a few. If you have a smart device & internet you can do these anywhere!
  • Nutrition Guides and meal plans to help you eat a balanced diet
  • Recipes, including dessert recipes because I’m NOT giving those up! There’s even a cooking show that walks you through how to cook some yummy meals.
  • Access to a fitness coach who can help you pick a workout program/ nutrition program that meets your needs- though consult your doctor if you have special nutritional needs or an injury- coaches are great but not usually trained medical professionals!.
  • Access to Challenge Groups and Bootcamps held by your coach in online communities for accountability and motivation.

Workout videos are like having a trainer in your living room showing you how to workout and encouraging you to keep going. And every program has a nutrition plan tailored to that program!


Why do I call it a “tool”?

Why do I keep saying tools? Because that is what Beachbody On Demand is- a tool that can get you amazing results IF you use it consistently. It’s not a “magic pill” (surprise, surprise, those DON’T actually exist) that you buy, take once, forget about and then wake up a changed person. Being healthy is a LIFESTYLE.

On Demand is a tool, just like your yoga mat, free weights, or gym shoes are tools- if you don’t use them, they don’t do you any good. You HAVE to use them.

YOU HAVE to put in work. Not an extremely crazy amount of work or time, but there is some time and effort involved. You have to press play and do the workout videos (they range from 10 minutes up to 90 minutes) and you have to take the time to meal plan healthy options.

You have to be consistent and put in the effort in order to see results. It is a lifestyle, not a quick fix. But it is totally an affordable tool that you can’t really get anywhere else.

Does it fit my Schedule?

Two of the most common excuses from people who want to be healthier is “I don’t have time” and “I don’t have the money”. Both excuses have a degree of truth- as moms we can be insanely busy with never ending to do lists. Places to go, things to do and usually kids to work around.

On Demand doesn’t have a set class schedule, hours or operation or really busy times. You have unlimited access, 24/7, 365 days a year. Your only limit is if you have an internet connection and a device to play the workout on. Any smartphone, tablet, laptop, or TV you can connect to the internet can be used to view it on.

You can start and stop a workout as many times as you need. Let the kids play in the background. Do the workout in your pj’s. Most workouts only need as much space as it takes to roll out a yoga mat.

With workouts as short as 10 minutes, there is always something that can be squeezed into your schedule.

What about my budget?

Seriously, let’s talk about budget for just one minute. If you have, or had in the past, a gym membership then you are probably wondering how this fits into your budget compared to a monthly gym membership. Gym memberships typically require a start up fee and monthly membership fee ranging from $9.99 up to over $100, depending on the gym.

When you use a gym there can also added fees for a personal trainer, if you want individual help with diet and workout routines. Added fees to use specific areas (like a pool) or popular classes. And added fees to take your spouse, friend, or kids with you. Plus, when you go to cancel there is a cancellation fee and you still have to pay the rest of the month, even if you aren’t going to use it.

With all that On Demand offers, how much does it actually cost? Let me tell you, THIS is why I have Beachbody On Demand and why I highly recommend it to busy moms trying to improve their overall health and nutrition.

A YEAR (that’s 12 month) subscription is only $99 and includes everything I mentioned earlier in this post. Less than $100 gets you all the popular, top rated workouts AND nutrition guidance AND recipes AND a fitness coach to bounce questions off of AND challenge/support groups to help keep you motivated. Plus, you can let your spouse, teenagers, neighbor, friends, anyone join you for a workout at no additional charge.

Let’s break that down for a second. $99 divided by 12 months is $8.25 per month. About $2.06 per week. I do an average of 5 workouts a week so that is $.38 per workout (those of you who pay gym fees per class you probably pay $5-$15 per class).

There are shorter subscriptions available. The 12 month is the best price and most budget friendly.Beachbody-on-demand-review

Click here for the breakdown for the Beachbody On Demand subscriptions. Like I mentioned before, On Demand includes access to a fitness coach & free challenge groups- I’ll be your coach, so make sure my name shows up when you checkout so I can email you about those challenge groups!

TO the right is a picture of me a year into using On Demand workouts. I usually aim for five 20-30 minute workouts a week and follow the nutrition guides with an 80-20 rule. I aim for being 80% on target with eating healthy with a 20% wiggle room in my food choices. That balance works well for me and has gotten me the results I want.


Is On Demand Right for Me?

If you love the gym, the people at the gym, or a personal trainer you’ve been using for years, then On Demand probably isn’t a good fit for you. My husband LOVES physically going to the gym. He only works out at home because he HAS to. But he’ll still join me for a relaxing yoga workout every once in awhile to stretch out.

If you are looking for effective workouts, a variety of workouts, and flexibility in when and where you do your workouts, that is budget friendly, On Demand might just be right for you. It’s got plenty of variety, lots of workout options, and new workout series are added once or twice a year.

If you’re looking for the nutrition guidance to go ALONG with your workouts, then On Demand is DEFINATELY for you!

On Demand can help you create a healthy lifestyle, it gives you ways to start a healthy lifestyle. It can help you with meal planning for weight loss. Weight loss for busy moms is possible and On Demand is a great tool to help with that process.

If you have any questions, drop a comment below or shoot me an email at amber@createyourhealthylifestyle.com

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  1. Hi there, I’m definitely a fellow Beachbody fan so I enjoyed reading this post. I’m currently during Hammer & Chisel and so far so good. For me, Beachbody is definitely an economical option as it works out cheaper than a gym option and gives me way more variety than I could get at a local gym. That’s one of my favourite things about BOD as I think it’s impossible to be bored…

    • I definitely agree that it is impossible to be bored with Beachbody. There are so many workout options and they add new series about twice a year. Variety and affordability are definitely my top two reasons for doing Beachbody! You could do a workout every day for about two years and not repeat once!

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