Becoming a Beachbody Coach- Is It Worth It?

Beachbody fitness coaches are taking social media by storm with their sweaty fitness selfies, invitations to join challenge groups and offers to “hire” you to be a fitness coach and enjoy their amazing lifestyle.

So now you’re thinking about becoming a Beachbody coach, but is it worth it? What is it really like to be a Beachbody coach? I have a little over year’s experience as a fitness coach with Beachbody and this is my Beachbody Coach Review

Let me break it down for you- a “fitness coach” is the simply term that is given to Beachbody’s affiliate marketing program. It is a way for anyone who enjoys Beachbody products to share those products with people who can use them, while earning a commission for doing it.

Who can be a Fitness Coach?

Fitness coaching doesn’t require medical background or any special training. You don’t have to go to school for it or pass a fitness test. It just requires you to enjoy improving your life through health and fitness, and sharing that joy with others. Anyone can sign up as a fitness coach.

Beachbody has transitioned to an online market where ALL sales of products are done through a fitness coach, even if someone ends up purchasing from Beachbody online without being referred by a coach. Un-referred shoppers are randomly assigned to a coach who then receives commission on whatever they purchased.

Beachbody does offer training and support for fitness coaches so that they can become informed on products and services. There are also special certifications available for those who choose to become certified in specific programs like 2BMindset or Ultimate Portion Fix as well as becoming certified to teach live fitness classes.

Fitness-Post-exampleWhat do coaches do?

You will see posts all over social media from fitness coaches who are “hiring” other coaches. Or who are leaving the impression that to make money as a fitness coach all you have to do is post sweaty, post workout pictures on social media every day and you will make money.

Those posts are very misleading. First of all, coaches are independent contractors. Fitness coaching, as I mentioned before, is an affiliate marketing type set-up. You are promoting Beachbody and their products but you don’t actually get paid unless people make purchases through your links.

How you get people to make purchases is typically by sharing the good, the bad, and the hot mess of your fitness journey. Sharing your journey helps encourage others to make changes in their life and, hopefully, purchase Beachbody products.

One of the first things a fitness coach is taught is to be “proof of the product”. This is usually fairly straightforward. Use a product that works, show that it works, and people should want to purchase the product so they can get the same results.


Coach Post Example- Transformation Tuesday

As a coach, if you’re going from inactive and eating like crap to working out several times a week and eating healthy and drinking Shakeology, you WILL have good results because these products work really well, for most people.

Coaches learn about and promote the products, spread encouragement that fitness is an obtainable goal for everyone, share their personal fitness journey, provide recommendations on products and, ultimately, make sales.

Coaches are encouraged to do key things every day. Some of those key things include working out, drinking Shakeology/eating healthy, and spending 15-20 minutes on personal development (reading or listing to motivational podcasts).

Those three things seriously turned my life around from the miserable, unhappy person I was into the more relaxed, positive, upbeat person I am today. I fully recommend those three things to everyone trying to create a healthier lifestyle, they will transform your life.

Pros to Coaching

There are a lot of Pros to being a fitness coach with Beachbody, especially if you already love Beachbody products.

  • 35% discount on almost all products you purchase (some 25% – 40%). Products are quality and work really well.
  • 35% commission on purchases by referrals
  • Flexibility in schedule. Work when and where you want.
  • News on upcoming programs, sales and test groups
  • Coaching team- the coach you sign up with and his/her up line. Team meetings, training, calls, support system


    Positive Support and Encouraging Environment

  • Coach training, either on TeamBeachbody website or with your team
  • bonuses for having active coaches signed up under you
  • free referrals for hitting goals set by Beachbody. Higher goals obtained, more referrals earned.
  • Weekly coach “Wake-up Calls” to get you motivated and ready for your week. These are recorded and can be viewed on Facebook.
  • No pressure to make sales. You can be a coach simply for the discount on products you purchase or make thousands of sales, it is totally up to you to drive your success.
  • Limitless income potential. How much money you make is really up to you. From day 1 as a coach you are eligible for 35% commissions on products people purchase after you are assigned as their coach. All purchases they make going forward will be credited to you. You earn team bonuses from coaches signed up under you. Those at the bottom can make just as much as those at the top (not MLM where only those at the top can make money).
  • Free gifts (t shirts, shaker cups, promotional items) and trips/cruises for coaches who do well.

Cons to Coaching

There are a couple of cons to coach as well.

  1. Sales. Coach training teaches you that the focus of coaching is not the sale, it is helping people find what they need to meet their goals. However, you don’t get paid unless people are making purchases.
  2. Amount of time invested. While they recommend spending an hour a day on coaching activities, it takes time to build up enough of a client basis to take a break. I find it takes an hour to just do the workout, read my personal development and do a post on social media. That doesn’t include finding new potential clients, following-up with people or anything else.
  3. Harassing friends and family on social media. One of the key daily activities is to “Invite, invite, invite”. Meaning they want you to constantly be asking people to join challenge groups, try/purchase products, and sign up to be a coach. Those aren’t required to continue as a coach, but if you want to make money you have to promote Beachbody regularly.
    1. I personally have a No harassment policy. I will post workout pics and comment about Challenge Groups I am doing and answer questions when asked. I’ll also post results on my social media for a program I tried or a product I have been using. But I make it a point NOT to message or text everyone I know asking them to become a coach or join my latest challenge group. That to me is icky and I don’t do icky.
  4. Lots of competition. There are thousands of Beachbody coaches. You stumble across them all the time on Facebook and Instagram and occasionally on Twitter and Pinterest. They are everywhere! Plus there are other fitness groups out there to compete with.
  5. Cost. Have to talk about cost for a minute. The initial sign-up fee is $40, which includes the training info and your own website to send customers to. Then there is a monthly fee of $16 to keep your coaching status. In addition to that monthly fee you need to either purchase $60 or more in products or sell $60 or more in products- If you can get sales you don’t have to purchase.
    1. Most coaches just set up a monthly subscription to Shakeology which is $99 as a coach. So if you don’t make ANY sales, out-of-pocket monthly expenses will be $76 to $116, depending on if you drink the Shakeology. You would need to sell 3 bags of Shakeology or 3 yearly subscriptions of Beachbody On Demand each month to cover costs before you will have a profit.

Note: There is a military waiver to eliminate sign-up and monthly fees. So if you are active military or the spouse of active military, in the reserves, or are honorably discharged you can avoid those fees.

Is Coaching Right For You

The only person who can answer that for sure is you.

DIscount-coach-breakdown I started as a “Discount coach”, meaning I was a coach only to use the 35% discount on products. Discount Coaches are my type of people! Just trying to get a better price on an awesome product like Shakeology, but not wanting to spend full price.

I fell in love with Beachbody On Demand, Shakeology, 3 Day Refresh and the supportive team environment. I have continued as a “Hobby Coach”, meaning I enjoy the products, do a little promoting and make an occasional paycheck.

Then there are “Builder Coaches” which means a person who is full speed ahead, promoting Beachbody like a crazy person and making a steady, 5 to 6 figure income doing it.

While anyone can be a discount or hobby coach, making fitness coaching a full time income is not so easy to do. Being a builder coach is not for me, though I know some amazing coaches who are rocking their business as their sole source of income, but it is NOT easy.

I will continue being a hobby coach as I love the discount and the chance to help people who are interested without being that annoying person bugging everyone on social media.

Beachbody has amazing products, offers a great commission program and bonuses coaches and can be a great source of extra income. Beachbody is wonderfully supportive with the right team that encourages you to invest in yourself by finding positive inspiration and motivation. The team I joined is very positive, upbeat, and lead by a coach who is rocking over $60K a year from her personal coaching business.

Downside to fitness coaching is that it can be expensive if you don’t use the products or aren’t able to make sales. If you use and love the products then the discount alone can be worth it. Continued coaching if you are depending on it as a reliable source of consistent income could prove frustrating as getting started can be a struggle until you find what works for you for bringing in customers.

Just don’t fall for the social media posts from coaches who are “hiring” individuals to be fitness coaches. You can enjoy the benefits of being a coach but will not be paid just to post motivational fitness stuff on social media. There is not a $250 a week salary to workout, drink shakes and post sweaty after pictures of you with your shake. Pay is completely commission based with team bonuses.

How to Sign-Up

Signing up to become a coach is simple.

1. Click here to get to the official Beachbody website.

2. Hover over the word “Coach” in the top menu, then click on “Coach Office”.

3. Click “sign-up” to become a coach. Fill out the form. Please make sure that I am listed as your coach so that you can join my amazing team of supportive moms. My coach ID is 1616089 – Amber Dieterle.

beachbody-challenge-pack4. You have the chance to make a purchase. I highly recommend signing up for the Annual Beachbody On Demand & Shakeology. However, any challenge pack purchased at the time you sign up will waive your coach sign up fee. Challenge Packs are $20 off the entire month of June 2019.

So, for me, I signed up with the Challenge Pack I recommended above for about $180 (including shipping). It included a year of On Demand ($99), a month of Shakeology ($130), the portion fix containers ($10), a Shaker cup ($7), and the coach packet ($40). About $287 if purchased separately, over $100 savings as a package. This Challange Pack can be found here.

You do not have to make a purchase, you can scroll all the way to the bottom and skip making another purchase.

5. Complete your registration.

6. Watch your email. Beachbody will send you an email with instructions on signing in and getting started as a coach. If you signed up with me as your coach I will also send you an email on what to do next including information on joining our team Facebook groups for training and team call information.

7. If you are military, log into your Beachbody coach office and search for the waiver. Complete the waiver and your fees will be reimbursed.

If you have any questions, would like assistance in signing up or want additional information, drop a comment below or email me at amber@createyourhealthylifestyle.com


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  1. Wow! I feel like I’m a beachbody coach expert after reading this post! You touched on everything that I wanted to know as well as some things that I didn’t know I needed to know. The cons that you mentioned about being a beachbody coach are enough to make me pass on this opportunity. It’s not for me. Thanks to your post, I was able to make a sound decision.

    • Thank you for taking the time to read. Coaching is definitely not for everyone and it is good to know what you are getting into before you try, especially when there is an investment of money involved.

  2. I love that this post is both informative and honest! I have seen so many coaches on Facebook and other platforms (not just for Beachbody), and it gets a bit annoying to hear the salesy pitches without the details of the opportunity as you’ve presented.

    There are always pros and cons to consider. I would be much more inclined to join here on your site than through any other promotion. This is also the first time that I’ve actually seen mention of the military waiver. I have several friends who are military wives, and this may be of interest.

    I will surely share this post. Thanks for the genuine review.

    • I’ve gotten put off by the sales pitches on social media- that’s exactly why I wrote this post to fill in some missing information. The sales pitches that make me cringe the most are the ones that claim they are looking to “hire” people (you are your own boss, nobody is going to give you a paycheck just for showing up and putting in effort) or that state you could be earning “$250 a week by posting on social media”. They are trying to make a few bucks by misleading someone to sign up. And I laugh at the posts asking you to “fill out an application”- once again, they are not hiring you! They just want you to feel special when you are “selected” for their team.
      I Love Beachbody and their products, but I also love to save money and get the most bang for my buck. That’s what I love about the military waiver and being able to sign up free as a coach when you purchase a challenge pack. Saves you money and gives you that chance to earn some money too. But coaching isn’t for everyone and being well informed helps you make the best decision for yourself.
      If your friends have any questions, I would love to help answer them!

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