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If you’ve read my About Amber page, you know I’m a Fitness Coach with Beachbody, a fun little hobby of mine that lead, in part, to this website. In this post I’m going to do a brief Beachbody product overview and give you an idea of what they have to offer.

My favorite, and also the most affordable products that I highly recommend, I’ve done individual posts on. For info on Beachbody On Demand or 3 Day Refresh, please see those posts for more info.

Beachbody is a huge health and fitness company with a wide range of products that are promoted mainly by their independent fitness coaches. Beachbody is one of the leaders in their industry with some of the hottest workout series, nutrition programs, and health suppliments.

Shakeology Review

Beachbody has two PRIMARY products that they focus most of their time & energy on. Their workout videos (On Demand) and their “healthy superfood shakes” aka Shakeology. I drank Shakeology for a full year and LOVED these shakes and the results I got while drinking it. I easily lost 20 pounds, and kept it off, without making drastic changes to my diet or spending endless hours working out.

Let’s start with the Pros:

  • fast easy meal or snack replacement
  • packed with protein, fiber, and vitamins & minerals
  • made with superfoods including chia, Quinoa, ashwaganda, pomegranate, green tea, goji berry and more.
  • gives you energy
  • fights off cravings
  • helps with digestion
  • makes proper nutrition simple for one meal or snack a day
  • comes in 7 different flavors as well as gluten options. My two favorites are chocolate and greenberry.

Shakeology-ingredientsNow the Cons:

  • The price tag. Straight up, it can a turn off for most people, even though it is a great value for everything they have packed into the shake. As a coach I paid about $100 a month ($3.30 per shake). If you’re not a coach you’re paying about $130 a month ($4.30 per shake). As a meal or snack replacement, it is about the price of a cup of coffee or discount meal at a fast food restaurant and way better for you.
  • The taste. The first time I tried the shake I gagged. Given, I hate the taste of protein shakes in general. My husband, on the other hand, loves the taste of Shakeology but he also likes protein shakes in general. Add a scoop of PB and half a banana and mix in a blender and I LOVED it! Seriously- if you’ve had a Peanut Butter Mood from Jamba Juice, you know what I’m taking about! I drank those EVERY day when pregnant with my oldest. Shakeology is much better for you and a fraction of the calories.

You can get more info on Shakeology here.

Beachbody also has a nutritional shake for kids called Daily Sunshine. It comes in two flavors, chocolate and strawberry banana, and can be purchased in a 30 serving bag. Find more info on Daily Sunshine here.

beachbody-challenge-packChallenge Pack Review

Challenge packs are your combo pack that includes multiple products in one package, at a reduced rate. It’s a great value to purchase a challenge pack and they can often be found on sale several times a year during promotions. They range in price from $140 up to $300 or more, depending on which one you choose.

It took me two years to decide to try Beachbody, and when I finally did, I got started with a Challenge Pack. I am so glad I did. It was worth every penny of it. Make sure you read to see what is included in the Challenge Pack you are interested in and verify if there is an auto renewing monthly Shakeology included. If the Challenge Pack comes with Shakeology it usually auto ships and auto bills 30 days  after your initial purchase.

I recommend that if you want to purchase a challenge pack that you sign up to be a coach and purchase the challenge pack. Check my Beachbody Coaching post if you are interested in making money with Beachbody. Just food for thought- when you sign up to coach & purchase a challenge pack, the initial $40 coaching fee is waived and you get a 35% discounts on future orders.

There are so many options when it comes to Challenge Packs, so if you have questions, let me know. I’ll walk you through it. You can comment below or email me at amberdieterlefitness@gmail.com

I do generally recommend this challenge pack because it includes a year of On Demand, a month of Shakeology, and the containers for the Ultimate Portion Fix Nutrition Program for $160, occasionally they go on sale for $140 (just $10 more than purchasing a single bag of Shakeology).


Ultimate Portion Fix ReviewPortion-Fix

This is the newest version of Beachbody’s unique nutrition plan that has been around for years. There is new training, cooking videos, and info specific to family nutrition. I LOVE the original Portion Fix plan and will be using that a lot when I talk about nutrition here and in my Facebook groups.

Basically the program involved breaking the food groups down into color coordinated groups. Each color has a specifically sized, color container that you use to measure out portions. I break this down more on my nutrition tab, but the biggest containers are your veggies (green) and fruits (purple). Carbs and healthy fats are smaller.

One serving is whatever fits inside that container so you can close the lid. Based on a quick calculation you determine the number of each color you should be eating on a daily basis. Eat the right number of each container and you are getting a balanced diet.

For me it is a simple plan that I stick to, with an 80-20 rule. 80% strict and 20% wiggle room so I don’t feel like I’m depriving myself. The original Portion Fix guides ARE included in the On Demand, so if you have On Demand there’s really no reason to purchase this program separately.

If you don’t have the containers, you would probably want to purchase them for about $10, which you can find here.


If you are only interested I the Ultimate Portion Fix and not the workouts or anything else, you can purchase just the Ultimate Portion Fix here.

There is also a 2B Mindset program that came out last year that I’m not very familiar with. The premise is using your mindset, the way you think about foods, to help you improve your health. You can find more info on 2B Mindset here.

Gear, Supplements and More

There is a lot more to cover on Beachbody and their products. But the rest I don’t have much experience with.

Beachbody sells fitness gear like yoga mats, straps, weights, exercise steps, pull up bars, strength slides and more. They are quality products that you might need to purchase, depending on the workout program you decide to do. However, you most likely can find similar items for less at Walmart or online. How the quality compares? I’m not sure.

Beachbody has an entire line of performance supplements. I’ve never really used supplements before when working out. My husband claims the ones he has tried are good, but pricier than what you can buy elsewhere.

The only supplement that I use from their line is “Energize”, their natural caffeine drink made from green tea and coffee bean. Once again, a little on the pricey side. I like to spend about $15 or less on caffeine for the month. Energize is $50 without the coaching discount- go for the tub if you purchase, it has more servings! You can get Energize here or wait for me to do a give away! I’ll be raffling samples off monthly for people who participate in Facebook Groups.

Beachbody Wrap-up

So that was just a super quick overview of some of the Beachbody products. There are some many other things that they have available, including a clothes line. If you’d like to browse their products, you can shop Beachbody here.

A quick note on price- price tends to be the number one issue for people regarding Beachbody products. Price is relative, though. Some people have no problem spending $1000 on a Coach bag while others won’t spend more than $20 for a purse. People tend to make room in the budget for things that are a priority for them. 

Less expensive doesn’t necessarily mean better. Quality is what is important, not just a nice price tag. Even in a product is affordable, you want it to work or it is useless. People of all fitness levels have had success with Beachbody products. 

Beachbody has amazing customer service. They have a “Bottom of the Bag” guarantee. They encourage you to try their Shakeology for up to 30 days. Even if you use the entire bag, if you don’t like it you can get a full refund (minus shipping cost). Their staff is friendly and helpful. While they truly believe their products are amazing, they respect that not everyone is going to agree with them.

If you have questions about anything or are interested in more details, email me at amber@createyourhealthylifestyle.com or drop a comment below.

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